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Cemetery Information

Egelston Township Cemetery

5762 Evanston Avenue

Muskegon, MI 49442

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Attention Residents

The Cemetery Board met on June 5, 2013 to set prices on the Veteran's cremated remains only part and the public cremated remains only sections of the cemetery, which are located in front of the Cemetery.

The Veteran's section is by the military wall and the public section is on the East side of the cemetery in front.

These graves will be for cremated remains only with flat stones and no grave decorations or urns. (A serenity garden will be planted by Egelston Township)

The lots in the Veteran's part will be free to the veterans and their spouse.  You must be a resident or a life member of the V.F.W. Derezinski Post. Lots will be assigned at the time of need. There will be a charge for the opening and closing. There will be an overtime charges if burial takes place after 3pm or on Saturday. No Sunday burials.

ALL CEMETERY DECORATIONS MUST be removed by October 1st for leaf cleanup and may be replaced on or after May 1st, except holiday decorations, which will follow the holiday decoration rule.

Egelston Cemetery
The maintenance department works very hard to keep our cemetery maintained. As the cemetery grows it is getting more and more difficult and time consuming. Although we are very sensitive to the grieving process we need your help.
Do not put decorative rocks or fences on or around your gravesite. This is both dangerous and hard on the equipment when they are picked up by the mower. All seasonal and holiday decorations should be removed in a timely fashion (ten days after a particular holiday) with all decorations being removed for leaf cleanup by October 1st. Do not put toys or breakable items on graves.
No planting of trees bushes or flowers outside of urns.