Egelston Township Fire Department

For all emergencies dial 911

To contact Egelston Township Fire

and for all business calls 231-788-2254


Mark Cleveland - Fire Chief


For Information on Fire Works -  Michigan Fire Works Law

Checklist for Emergencies
-Clear visible address.
-Turn outdoor light on.
-If possible have someone outside to meet the responders.
-Maintain private roads and drives year around for large fire trucks. State your complete address (north, south, apt number, etc.)
-When calling 911 give as much detail about your location as possible (house color, located on a private drive, etc.)
-If you have any questions please call Egelston Fire Department during normal business hours at
Community Programs
Once again this fall our fire fighters will be going to the schools to help educate the children about fire safety. Please ask your child to share with you what they have learned.
Address Signs
All homes are required by building code to have an address sign that can be easily read from the road. If your home is back off of the road you should have an address sign at the road also. Homes that don’t have easily read address signs are difficult for emergency vehicles to find and in an emergency a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death.
The Fire Department will install a green and white reflective sign at the edge of the road for a fee of $17.00 to cover the cost of the sign.