Pools, Spas & Hot Tub Safety

Egelston Township Ordinance - Appendix A Zoning - page 30

Sec. 28. Swimming pools, spas and hot tubs.

A. Swimming pools, spas and hot tubs are permitted as an accessory use in all zoning districts subject to applicable setback regulations established for accessory uses, buildings and structures.

B. Swimming pools, spas and hot tubs located out of doors, whether constructed in, on or above the ground, shall be provided with a fence or other barrier that complies with all provisions of the Egelston Township building code applicable to swimming pools. Individuals are encouraged to talk with the building inspector to discuss what type of fence or other barrier will be required by the building code. Fences or other barriers must be approved by the building inspector before a swimming pool, spa or hot tub will be approved for use or occupancy.